Making Room for Baby

The word change has been a staple in my household lately. We are embarking upon our 3rd move in three years… All of the moves have been strategic and purposeful.

Move one came as a result of my husband’s overseas deployment and a need for my two sons to change school districts.

Move two had two purposes; my husband’s arrival home from his deployment (happy dance!) and a need for more space and another change of school districts…

This third move will take place in a couple of weeks. We’re finally settled in with new schools and now we need more room for our upcoming third child.

All of these changes have weighed on me heavily as a mother. In my heart, I know I am following the plans the Lord has for our life, however it doesn’t make it any easier. My two boys had been accustomed to living in our four bedroom, comfortable house. Being honest, so had I. Living in an apartment has not been easy for them. I’ve tried to take the angle of “be grateful that you have a roof over your head” and as you can imagine, that statement is met with rolled eyes and heavy sighs.

We moved from a two & three bedroom apartment to now a four bedroom townhouse. We plan to adopt a girl and needed to make space for her. I have so much anxiety and excitement at the same time. I want my boys to know that I love them and they are not being replaced. At the same time, I want this new child to know how loved she is and want her to feel a part of our family.

To all my readers that have adopted, how did/do you navigate making sure your biological children get the attention they need and the adopted child?

I look forward to hearing from you!