Why I Chose Adoption

When I set out to relaunch my blog, I found myself all over the place again, struggling to find my niche. My main problem is narrowing down all the experiences that I want to share. That being said, the one topic that I tended to stray from was the decision my husband and I made recently to fully committing to adopting a third child.

Andre & I had talked about adoption off and on for at least the last five years. Having given birth to two boys, I would often joke that I needed a girl to balance out our home. I was never really serious, though. The thought of bringing another child into our home while I already felt like I was drowning with my boys was overwhelming. The timing just never seemed right. Not to mention, Andre has been deployed three times during our marriage, leaving me in the position of a single mother.

Fast forward to 2018 and a lot has changed. The most important thing is that we both came together and realized this decision was one that the Lord placed in our hearts and it’s not going away. There have been times when I’ve said in frustration that I didn’t think I could handle another child and pulled the plug. Fortunately, those emotions subsided.

I’d be lying if I said I still wasn’t afraid; however, I’m confident that we are making the right decision. I look forward to documenting this journey with you and hope to connect with other readers who are following the same path.

Looking forward to this family of four becoming a party of five!