My Story

Writing has always been therapeutic for me. In fact, I started writing my thoughts down when I was in elementary school and I’ve been writing ever since. I stumbled across a couple of lifestyle blogs a couple of years ago (written by moms) and the light bulb came on. I realized that I could start my own blog.

My main purpose initially was to journal my life, particularly my sons’ childhoods, especially their sporting events, my journey as a military wife and highlight my skills as a writer, editor and working mom.

Exhibit A- I love looking at how much my boys have grown…..

Exhibit B….

My life (like everyone else’s) has been filled with many highs and lows. I know that there are other readers out there that will connect with me.

My husband just recently returned from a 13 month deployment overseas. There were plenty of lessons, challenges and experiences to write about.


Being the only girl in a house full of deer hunters & fishermen has given me plenty of writing material. Finally, our family is embarking on a new chapter with the pending adoption of another child to our family. We are expecting that process to be near completion towards the end of February. I certainly plan to blog about the whole adoption process and all the experiences along the way. My goal is still to focus on my niche’ and create a space where readers will feel connected to me and where I can develop my blog into my passion.